Medterra CBD Immune Boost Tincture - 750 mg

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Medterra Immune

A naturally formulated CBD based tincture for supporting a strong immune system that includes the benefits of CBD with Elderberry, Echinacea, Vitamin C, Ginger Root, Ashwagandha, Reishi Mushroom and Lemon Balm.

Fortify your body’s defenses against harmful invaders with Medterra’s new Immune Boost Drops with CBD. Immune Boost combines a selection of natural ingredients to support immune system health, plus Medterra’s trusted CBD to help stay calm and in balance. With crucial support for your body’s first line of defense against infection and illness— plus the added holistic benefits —our Immune Boost helps you feel your best, whatever your day throws at you.

Working with Medterra’s Medical Advisors, we formulated the Immune Boost Drops with CBD to provide comprehensive immune system support while enhancing your ability to recover from illness. Natural ingredients with proven benefits for the immune system are combined with our CBD, providing well-rounded support for both physical and mental well-being.

30 - 1 ml servings

Immune Boost Blend 60mg*
Vitamin C 35mg
CBD 25mg
*Immune Boost liquid drops are equivalent to 5x strength of dry herb concentration

Recommended Use:
Take one serving size in the morning. Take additional serving before bed if required.

Grown and extracted in the USA, our quality CBD is fully compliant under the Kentucky Department of Agricultural Industrial Hemp Pilot Program and we are certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority. Medterra’s CBD products are third-party tested, completely legal, contain 0% THC and we are able to ship them to all 50 states and internationally.



Why combine immune boosters with CBD Oil?

At Medterra our goal is to provide supplements that keep you feeling your best, day and night. Our Immune Boost Drops can help keep you from getting sick in the first place, and should you find yourself feeling under the weather, it can reduce the duration and severity of symptoms, too.

Since we know stress and fatigue can make us more vulnerable to sickness, we added our best CBD to combat further compromise our defenses. It’s an effective and comprehensive solution specifically targeted at maintaining your health.

Like everything from Medterra, Immunity Boost Drops meet or exceed our industry-leading quality and purity standards. That means thinking beyond exceptional CBD. Every ingredient in our Immune Boost Drops is individually sourced to ensure high quality, Non-GMO, and organic cultivation.

The world changes quickly, and at Medterra we strive every day to meet the needs of our community with the same tireless urgency. Our Immune Boost Drops are the physical embodiment of that commitment to you—a holistic, healthy way to help you meet today’s challenges while feeling your best, inside and out.


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